My Zazzle Sale 2012-12-21 (Painted Ladies in San Francisco (Tilt & Shift) Ornament)

Another day, another sale. This time, it’s an ornament!

Until a few weeks ago, I thought I would never ever sell any Christmas tree ornaments on Zazzle. But just before Christmas, I have sold quite a few of them and it makes me really proud that people want to decorate their trees with out photos and photo edits! I mean, how cool is that?

Christmas ornaments are a really good earner before Christmas, so I definitely advise you to create them during the year to have them ready in your shop just before the festivities and the shopping sprees begin 🙂

The sale from December 21st in 2012 (Oh yes, the end of the world *lol*) is a photo edit of the famous Painted Ladies, Victorian houses in San Francisco, California. The effect is called “tilt & shift” and adds a touch of miniature wonderland to photos. It also enhances the colours. Tell me what you think of it:

Painted Ladies in San Francisco (Tilt & Shift) Ornament
Painted Ladies in San Francisco (Tilt & Shift) Ornament by stineshop
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I really like this one, don’t you?

Did you know about this tilt and shift photo effect? There are free generators online that let you add this effect to your own photos for free!



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