My Zazzle Sale 2012-12-22 (Roman Antique Swimming Pool Mug)

On December 22nd, I sold one mug and made a referral sale.

So, the world did not end on December 21st, huh?

On December 22nd, I was able to sell one of my coffee mugs and I made one special referral sale. Hurray!

My own sale is a blueish mug with a photo of an antique looking swimming pool that we had shot in the Grand City Hotel in Gummersbach Germany during our Christmas vacation 2011. So we had shot the photo almost 1 year before selling this mug. What a coincidence! *lol*

This mug has earned me $1.78 in royalty earnings:

Roman antique Swimming Pool Mugs
Roman antique Swimming Pool Mugs by stineshop
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Isn’t it beautiful? The blue inside of the mug really fits the vintage retro photo of the pool.

The second sale is a referral sale I could make due to a recent article post about where to find Barney Stinson‘s rubber duckie tie from How I Met Your Mother:

Where to Get Barney’s Rubber Duckie Tie From Himym

This is the tie that can be purchased on Zazzle internationally:

Yellow Rubber Duck, Custom Tie
Yellow Rubber Duck, Custom Tie by prawny
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This referral sale with a fixed 15% in royalty has earned me over $4.00! Pretty good just for finding it and writing a post about it, huh?

I love watching HIMYM and I love this tie *lol*



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