I have sold two items on December 3rd, read all about it here.

I have been very busy at work and that’s the reason why I did not post much during the last few days.

On December 3rd, I have sold the following two items:

RTFM T-SHIRTS by stineshop
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This shirt goes to someone in Canada. I will discontinue to publish names here and as a comment as another Zazzle seller made an interesting point in the Zazzle Forum: The name we see is the “Ship to” name, not the buyer. So if an item is bought and shipped as a gift, the person might read it. Not a good thing, don’t you agree?

This shirt has earned me $1.79 CAD – thank you!

The second item is a photo plaque with a quote that will go to PA:

Happiness doubles when you share plaque
Happiness doubles when you share plaque by stineshop
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This one has earned me $2.56 in royalty, thank you!