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Zazzle Black Friday Deals 2012

Zazzle Black Friday Deals 2012

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Since Christmas is approaching extremely fast, I thought it might be nice to share one chapter from my Zazzle eBook with you. Totally free of charge, I hope you enjoy it!

Effective but FREE marketing for your Zazzle shop and products

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I have sold another postcard this month.

It really honors me that from all the photos with the very popular Golden Gate Bridge, Seymour from Laguna Woods (California) has purchased a post card with our photo 🙂

Thank you so much for this honor!

This is the card we have sold:

Golden Gate Bridge Postcards
Golden Gate Bridge Postcards by stineshop
Learn about postcard printing using Zazzle

I think this is an unusual angle and an extraordinary photo of the famous bridge. Maybe that makes it successful?


I had concentrated on promoting my postcards and I do see sales picking up.

I had concentrated on promoting my postcards on Pinterest and other photo loving websites and it seems that it did work. I am selling a lot of postcards at the moment and I see this as a success. The next items I will concentrate on will be posters to test whether I can change the trend. I have never sold a poster before, so December will be my poster testing month *lol*

Anyway, Heike from Dornstadt in Germany was so kind to purchase this postcard:

Wild Feral Donkey in Arizona Postcards
Wild Feral Donkey in Arizona Postcards by stineshop

We had shot this photo on our USA vacation somewhere in Arizona on our way to the Colorado river. The donkey was really hard to spot!

Heike has earned me €0.08 with this purchase which is about $0.11. Thank you, Heike! Vielen Dank 🙂