A few weeks ago, my dear friend Angela did an interview with me. She was eager to learn about earning money with Zazzle and I gave her my eBook to read. Instead of writing a plain review, she also asked me for an interview.

Here is an excerpt from it:


People who say you can’t make money on the internet need to meet my friend Christine.  I met her on Gather.com where she wowed me with her abilities to make money appear from cyberspace. Most recently she has been enjoying success with Zazzle.

I had never heard of Zazzle before until Christine introduced me but now that I’ve tried it I may be hooked. A Zazzle aficionado, she can boast that she’s written the book on it. It’s called Effective but FREE marketing for your Zazzle shop and products, a book I highly recommend for new Zazzlers.  Still don’t know what Zazzle is?  Let’s ask the expert:

Ok, Christine.  Satisfy our curiosity… what is Zazzle?  Not many people I know have heard of it yet.

Zazzle is a so-called “print-on-demand” service that sells “personal photo gifts” as they call it. Basically, you can visit Zazzle.com or one of their local versions (Zazzle.co.uk, Zazzle.de, Zazzle.com.au and many more) and buy gifts with photos and graphics on them. These gifts include mouse pads, t-shirts, mugs, pillows, kitchen towels, buttons, belt buckles, dry-erase boards, smartphone cases and so much more…

But then you can also sell those items with YOUR photos and graphics (or text) on them and earn some money! And that is what I am doing for almost a year. I design these gifts, meaning that I add one of my photos to e.g. a mouse pad and then put it into my virtual store. As it is a print-on-demand service, this mouse pad is not printed immediately. I do not have to buy and then resell it. Oh no!


I would like to share the link to Angela’s blog post here for you to check it out:

Stine1 Shop: A Zazzling Performer