Searching for a Christmas gift for a Zazzle seller or a way to treat yourself?

Christmas presents are hard to find. If you like to get a present for a Zazzle seller or if you want to treat yourself, why not buy my eBook?

It’s about effective marketing for your Zazzle shop and products. And best of all: all marketing means are free to use for everyone!

To make it even better, the coupon code XW24Q will give you a 33% discount. Discounts on Smashwords are easy to create and make everyone happy *lol*

Giving out these coupon codes is a great way to increase sales, don’t you think?

Within 3 months, I have sold over 10 copies of my eBook and that is more than I had expected. Smashwords made it really easy to publish my eBook. It is way better than Amazon!


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