Zazzle Sales 2012-10-31 (Magnet and Business Cards)

October 2012 ends with two sales. Read all about it here, including how much volume bonus I have earned for this month:

On the last day of October 2012, I had two more sales on Zazzle.

The first one are my most popular business cards. This time, one set goes to Janet in Harford, PA:

Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl - Blonde with huge Hat Business Card Template
Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl – Blonde with huge Hat Business Card Template by stineshop
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These business cards have earned me $1.87 in royalty.

The second sale was something new, a magnet with a beautiful autumn forest:

Scenic Autumn Forest Magnet
Scenic Autumn Forest Magnet by stineshop
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This photo was shot on Christmas 2011 near Gummersbach in Germany. Isn’t it lovely? The buyer is Jody from Redoak, IA – she has earned me $0.56 in royalty.

Thank you both for purchasing my products!

Summed up, I have earned over $80.00 in royalty and volume bonus this month on Zazzle!

Here is a screenshot of my volume bonus:




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