I had ordered a few of my own Zazzle products to see, touch and test them. Read my review here with the first part of the order that has arrived.

I had placed my order on September 29th and the first of three parcels arrived on October 11th. This looooooong shipping time does result from the fact that I do not live in the USA but Zazzle seems to send all items from there. Or rather: The companies that do the printing for Zazzle do their printing in the USA. That is also the reason why I will receive THREE parcels for one order. I have ordered mouse pads, post cards and fridge magnets and every item is produced somewhere else. Oh boy…

Anyway, the two mouse pads I wanted to see where ordered on September 29th and these are the two preview photos on Zazzle when you shop them:

Santa Monica Pier Photo Collage Mousepads
Santa Monica Pier Photo Collage Mousepads by stineshop
Browse Santa monica pier Mousepads

Industry at Night Mousepad
Industry at Night Mousepad by stineshop
Make your own custom mousepad at zazzle.com.

The first, travel themed mouse pad will be used at home and the second one I will take with me to work to use it at my workplace.

Ok, so the long shipping time to Europe really is something, Zazzle should reconsider. I don’t want to even think of it how annoying this must be during Holiday and Christmas season – no wonder that almost no German knows of Zazzle!

The packaging was really good, all covered in a bubble wrapped envelope.

The mouse pads themselves are of good quality. They are really think and neither too soft nor too hard for the hand to rest on them.

The print came out perfect and resembles the preview. The only thing I do not like 100% are the edges where the mouse pad seems to have been cut from a block with a knife that was not sharp enough.

Here are the photos of the two mouse pads:

I am very happy with these two products and can’t wait to get the others!