Zazzle Sales 2012-10-03 (Address Labels, Tie, Button)

Earlier this week, I had three sales on one day. I was too ill to write about it earlier. Read all about it here now:

On October 3rd, I had three sales. The address labels seem to be pretty popular as I had sold them a few times already but the tie is a premier. It is the first tie I have sold! The button is one of my popular vintage designs.

Anna from Burlington, VT has bought 10 sheets of my popular Grand Canyon address labels and she has earned me $2.60 in royalty:

Clouds over Grand Canyon Personalized Address Labels by stineshop

Thank you, Anna!

Bruno in Den Haag (Netherlands) has bought this tie with a beautiful photo from the Cologne Cathedral:

Bruno has earned me €2.49 for my first sold tie. Thank you!

And last but not least, Sinead in Lurgan (UK) has bought this cute little button and earned me £0.14 GB:

Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl – Girl in Pink Blouse by stineshop

Thank you all for your purchases!



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