I have sold another iPhone five case. Read all about it here:

First of all, thanks to all my readers. Have a great week and I wish you many sales!

Yesterday, I did a lot of promotion and I it ended in selling one iPhone 5 case. Evelyn from Miami in Florida has purchased this colourful bright yellow Case-Mate case:

Orange Yellow Spring Flowers iPhone 5 Case
Orange Yellow Spring Flowers iPhone 5 Case by stineshop
Check out iPhone 5 cases online at zazzle.com

The graphic I had used is a royalty-free one. See, you don’t need to be a talented artist yourself to earn money on Zazzle *lol*

This sale has earned me another $4.26 in royalty and some Volume Bonus for this month. Currently, I am awaiting my second cash out from Zazzle which I should receive by November 15th. Over €100 in less than a year for the first year, who would have thought that Zazzle can be such a success?