Zazzle Sale 2012-10-02 (Blue Rod of Asclepius Drinking Bottle)

I had a HUGE sale last night. Read all about it here:

I had a cool email in my inbox this morning. I have not sold one or two bottles but SEVEN water bottles!

Abbie from Norfolk in Nebraska has bought them, probably because of the 25% discount coupon:

25% Off Water Bottles
Limited Time!

Enter code:

This Zazzle coupon code is valid through November 27th, so if you plan to buy a water bottle or two, you might want to buy them now!

This is the bottle I have sold seven times:


The graphic with the blue rod of Asclepius is a royalty-free graphic and I had already sold several items with it – I will list them at the bottom of this article post.

Abbie, I could not thank you more for buying my water bottles. I have earned a whopping $17.50 in royalty plus some more bucks Volume Bonus. And my Volume Bonus for October will definitely beat August and September! Hurray!


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My Ebook is Published: Effective But Free Marketing for Your Zazzle Shop and Products




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