I had sold this iPad folio earlier this week but could not write about it due to a stressful week. Read all about it here.

Sorry that I was not active for a few days, but work kept me busy.

I had a few sales earlier this week and will post about them now one by one.

Let’s start with this beautiful folio case for iPads. It is pretty handy to cover your iPad and to keep it save while transporting it:

Fairytopia by stineshop
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The buyer is Shirley in Plant City, Florida. I really do hope you enjoy this folio, Shirley! Shirley earned me $4.65 in royalty plus she activated the Volume Bonus for the month of September. The Zazzle Volume Bonus honors those who sell items for $100 or more per month with 7% extra in royalty. This is the second month I make it!

Image via CrunchBase

The photo is a digital edit of a photo of the New York, New York hotel and casino in Las Vegas. You can see it and some other digital edits in this online photo album:

Playing with Pixels by ♥ Christine aka stine1 ♥

Do you own an iPad?