I had two sales over night. Read all about it here:

The first sale is a postcard I had created a few months ago. I did create a set of these postcards for every US American state. The inspiration for this one are the postcards you can buy almost everywhere in Germany (and probably also in other countries):

Missouri at night post cards
Missouri at night post cards by stineshop
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Ste from Sunset Hills, MO bought this card and earned me $0.07 in royalty. Let’s see whether this extraordinary postcard design will get even more popular!

The second sale is a mug I had sold two or three times already. And again – like every time before – the buyer is in the UK *lol* I don’t know why this mug is so popular in the UK, but hey: that’s not bad!

What would Jesus brew? Coffee Mug
What would Jesus brew? Coffee Mug by stineshop
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The original mug is in dark blue, but Stephen from Cambridge ordered it in pink. I can imagine that he also changed the font colour to pink, but I can’t see that. Thank you, Stephen. You earned me £1.01 GBP in royalty which converts to €1.20 – a bit less than $2.00 I guess.

How was your Zazzle day?