We need your votes for two photos in two photo contests. Read all about it here:

We are taking part in two photo contests at the moment. It’s not the first time we are trying to win a contest. A few months ago, we already took part in a challenge on Facebook and although hubby had created a really creative photo, we did not win. But we had made it among the first 10 and had received a small gift.

This time, the chance to win is a lot higher as the first 150 in each of the two contests will win something: The photo will be added to an official photo book with the best 150 photos!

I’d love to have one or even both books with photos of us!

So please vote for us. You do not even need to sign up with the page, you only need to click for your vote.

Here is the link where you can see both photos I have entered in the two running contests:


Underneath each photo, there is the “voting bar” that looks like this:

10 is the best you can vote, 1 is the weakest. Please vote for us!

Your vote counts once every 24 hours!

Thank you!