Long promised, now written πŸ™‚ I would like to present the Zazzle shop “Black Dragon Art” to you!

I had promised Ann quite some time ago that I would spotlight her shop, and now I finally found the time to take a look at it and present you another really great shop! And sorry Ann, that it took so long!

Not long ago, I had already spotlighted her daughter’s shop: Zazzle Shop Showcase: Littlewillow by Carra – and you can definitely see where Carra got her artistic talent from πŸ™‚

You girls rock and I wish you all the best with your shops!

So, let’s get started πŸ™‚

This is the “Black Dragon Art” store description written by Ann:

The artist Littlekick brings acrylics to life in her original pieces. Known to family as Ann, she is the creator that brought inspiration to her daughters. She works strictly with acrylics on canvas, making a plethora of pieces that adorn the walls of her home, now featured here!

And I know you will love her art! Want some examples? Ok, here we go:

Jake's Moon Tote Bags
Jake’s Moon Tote Bags by blackdragonart

Red Ryder Mousepads
Red Ryder Mousepads by blackdragonart

Beloved Stretched Canvas Prints
Beloved Stretched Canvas Prints by blackdragonart

Dragon Moon Mouse Pads
Dragon Moon Mouse Pads by blackdragonart

Old Crone Keychain Acrylic Keychains
Old Crone Keychain Acrylic Keychains by blackdragonart

Pain Canvas Prints
Pain Canvas Prints by blackdragonart

I really like the darkness about her art. It is magical, mysterious and sometimes even gothic. It definitely is something unusual and extraordinary!