I can’t believe it is September already. This sale is the first in September, read all about it here:

See, I had told you that “vintage” is a HUGE trend in online shopping at the moment. “Vintage” is among the top 5 tags on Zazzle and also ranking very high in the searches performed by potential customers. My free advice of the moment is to design “vintage” designs! Don’t say I didn’t try to help you 🙂

Anyway, yesterday I have set up my royalty on Zazzle up from 10.1% to 11%. I had problems with the dot in 10.1 when creating designs on the German Zazzle page as in German it would be 10,1% and Zazzle converted 10.1 to 101 on a regular basis. Then my items were thrown on the market with THOUSANDS of Euros as price and hey, who would buy that? *lol* The change will affect my items on the 20th of September as Zazzle only changes the royalty on existing products once a month. But it will affect new designed products immediately.

The sale of today earned me 10.1% ($4.85) as it is not a new item, it is my first Macbook sleeve when I remember correctly:


Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl - Hawaii Sleeve For Macbook Air
Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl – Hawaii Sleeve For Macbook Air by stineshop
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The buyer is Barbara from Auburn, Alabama and she custom designed it in pink instead of yellow and orange. good choice, Barbara!