August 2012 was by best month so far on Zazzle. And to greet this month farewell, I have had one more sale 🙂

Yes, this month was the best month so far, since I had started to sell stuff in December 2011. August was the first month where I:

  • received a cash out
  • sold items for over $100 (I do get 10% royalty for that)
  • have sold my first messenger bag this month
  • had 4 sales on the same day

What a month!

Therefore, I was pretty happy that I had one more sale on the last day of this month. Mark in Oak Park, Illinois has bought this greeting card from me:

Autumn Forest Greeting Card
Autumn Forest Greeting Card by stineshop
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This earned me another $0.18 in royalty, thank you Mark!

If you would like to know what I am doing to sell more products on Zazzle, why not check out my eBook about free marketing? It will be helpful – not only for Zazzlers!

So, let’s see what September will bring 🙂