Hurray, another “record”. This is the first messenger bag I have sold.

This messenger bag is a beauty and is on my unofficial “If I ever order on Zazzle” list among the first 10 products *lol*. It is the first messenger bag I have sold and these bags are pretty expensive! They cost over $80 without a coupon and that makes me even happier that I could sell one 🙂

This is the bag I have sold:

Sun Blast Messenger Bag
Sun Blast Messenger Bag by stineshop
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The picture is a royalty-free photo from NASA, I don’t think I could ever shoot such a photo myself *lol*

The buyer is Bo from Ilford in the UK. Thank you, Bo! (Mhh, are you related to the Face of Boe? Could make sense…).

Anyway, I think the latest space exploration and “Curiosity” craze might have fueled this sale.

I have earned €9.04 in royalty which is over $11! Whooohooo, party!

By the way – if you have read until here, you are a true fan, thank you! – I have just published my eBook for Zazzlers. I will tell more about it in my next post, so stay tuned 🙂