Ok, the Doctor has to have something to do with this. Or who else would you explain why this shirt was bought by a Christine? My name is Christine! Can’t be a coincidence…

So, has anyone seen a funny blue public police call box lately? No? I strongly believe that this can’t be a coincidence.

My name is Christine. And the buyer of this t-shirt is also a Christine. And she is from Delaware and when I first saw the “DE” I thought of “Deutschland” (Germany). *lol*
Guess where I live?

Anyway, the sale of this shirt earned me $1.48 in royalty which is not bad. Thanks to my American alter ego in Newark, Delaware *lol* Oh and don’t forget the Volume Bonus I get this month! Earned me an additional 7% and $0.95 so far (I can’t see how much every item earned me, but you can do the math yourself). Hey, one dollar more or less… I’d rather have one more than less ;-P

This is the shirt Christine has bought:

Bad Wolf T-shirts
Bad Wolf T-shirts by stineshop
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Any other strange things you would want to report? 🙂