Google Shopping is a great feature of Google which presents you products to shop. Every Zazzle seller should use it to increase sales.

Zazzle is an online print-on-demand service. It is free and everyone can create photo products with them. All you then need is to market your items wisely to increase sales and your income.

The big question though is how to get your Zazzle items indexed into Google Shopping, as this will broaden your customer base.

The good news is that you do not need to submit anything to Google Shopping anymore. Once upon a time, you needed to create a business account for your shop and you needed to submit an RSS feed to Google Shopping. The disadvantage with this was that you needed a unique business, which most Zazzle sellers do not have. Zazzle is more like a hobby for most of us.

So, I did a little research and guess what I found out? Zazzle automatically adds your products to Google Shopping!

For example, see my Google Shopping items HERE.

The downside is though, that I have no idea yet what influences whether your items are added or not.

At this time, I have only four of my over 17,000 items added to Google Shopping and I really do not know why these four were added. There is no hint that tells me what I need to do to get more products listed!

Does anyone know? I think there would be many people out there to read it!