Zazzle grants its sellers a volume bonus where you earn more royalty the more successful you are. I made it for the first time this month!

Zazzle is an online print-on-demand service that let’s you not only shop customizable photo products, but also create and sell them. When you make someone buy a product, you earn royalty and/or an affiliate commission. I do have tons of items in my Zazzle store but made it to the first step of the Volume Bonus just this month.

I had actively started to design, market and sell items in December 2011 and since then, I have dreamed of the Volume Bonus. The first step needs you to sell (your own!) items worth at least $100.00 a month. Referral sales, where you market other people’s items do not count towards it. So you need to sell quite a few products within one calendar month to reach those $100!

I have made it for the very first time this month, here is the proof:

I have sold items worth $100.40 this month and therefore I earn additional 7% royalty for everything that is ABOVE those $100.

The 3 cents are not much but hey, it is a start! And it can get only better from now on *lol*

My next goal would be the $1,000 threshold but that is a really high goal. Wow… I wonder when I will be able to make that much! You might want to stay tuned to my articles to see when I can retire from my day job *lol*

By the way, these are all items I have sold this month:

Zazzle Sale 2012-08-24 (Autumn Forest Dog Food Bowl)
Zazzle Sale 2012-08-23 (Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl – Blonde with Huge Hat Business Card)
Zazzle Sales 2012-08-22 (Two Avian Magnets)
Zazzle Sale 2012-08-18 (Blue Flowers Rectangle Magnet)
Zazzle Sale 2012-08-18 (Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl – Hawaii Custom Invite)
Zazzle Sale 2012-08-18 (Amberg, Bridge Over River Vils Post Card)
Zazzle Sale 2012-08-14 (Heart in Sand Post Card)
Zazzle Sale 2012-08-13 (Heart in Sand Labels)
Zazzle Sale 2012-08-09 (3x “Dein Kind” Op Joeck Bumper Stickers)
Zazzle Sale 2012-08-07 (Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl – Blonde with Huge Hat Stamp)
Zazzle Sale 2012-08-05 (2x Neuschwanstein Castle Tote Bags)

Pretty cool, huh?