I just checked my emails and thought I’d could have another sale and guess what? I have sold another post card! Read all about it here:

Today was (or still is) a very hot day. This weekend is predicted to be the hottest so far in Germany and I am sweating in the garden on the laptop. I have promoted a lot of Zazzle items earlier today and have just created over 200 new items with a beautiful swan photo. So I just thought I could check my emails after this “hard work” to see whether I have sold something and YES, I have sold an item 🙂

It is “just” a post card but cents do add up, too! Courtney from Rochester in New York has just earned me $0.08 in royalty for purchasing this beautiful post card with a photo we shot last summer in my hometown Amberg.

Amberg, Bridge over River Vils Post Card
Amberg, Bridge over River Vils Post Card by stineshop

Amberg is a small town (about 47,000 citizens) in Bavaria, Germany. If you like this photo, I have plenty more on my online photo album on Gather:

My hometown Amberg, Germany

What are you doing when it is hot? 🙂