I just had another sale less than one hour ago with the same photo as the address labels I had sold yesterday. Read all about it here:

So, I was just finished with writing about yesterday’s sale (Zazzle Sale 2012-08-13 (Heart in Sand Labels)) and right in the middle of designing new products, when I checked my email out of boredom (it gets tiring to adjust a photo on over 200 templates!). Someone (actually, John from Johnstown, PA) must have liked the photo on the address labels and has bought a post card with this royalty-free photo!

Thank you, John!

Heart in Sand Post Cards
Heart in Sand Post Cards by stineshop
You can sell cards , invitations, stamps and more on Zazzle.com!

Isn’t this cool? John’s purchase also earned me $0.07! Zazzle is so cool! And I am so glad I had found it.