Incredible! I have sold some of these stickers again to someone in Germany.

A few weeks ago, I had already sold two of these bumper stickers to someone in Germany. This morning, I had received an email that I have sold three more.

“Op jöck” is a German dialect from Cologne (Kölsch) meaning “on tour” or “on board”. I had seen a similar sticker a few weeks before the first purchase and there was nothing like it available on Zazzle. So I thought, why not seize that niche? It seems that it was a good idea!

Christine from Hagen in Germany has bought three stickers, I guess she has three children.

This is the sticker that can be totally customized: the font, the colours, the name – everything can be designed according to your liking:

“Dein Kind” op jöck! Auto Aufkleber von stineshop
Mehr Op jöck Autoaufkleber

Since the buyer is from Germany like me, my Zazzle account pays me in Euro. That is why the royalty is €1.23. That is about $1.50. Not bad for such a “simple” idea, huh?

Do you have any niche products that sell that well?