Hurray, I have sold my first travel/commuter mug on Brian from Knoxville in Texas will be the (hopefully) happy owner of a great mug. The photo shows my hometown Amberg in Bavaria, Germany. It features the St. Martin’s church, the river Vils and some pretty houses. In the middle of the photo, you can even see the grammar school I was on for 9 years 🙂

I feel kind of honored that someone liked this photo and bought a gift with it.

This is the mug, Brian ordered:

Amberg Coffee Mugs
Amberg Coffee Mugs by stineshop
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This sale earned me $1.70 in royalty and I think that’s pretty cool!

If you are interested in some more photos of us from my hometown Amberg, you can check them out in my free online photo album on Gather here:

My hometown Amberg, Germany

I hope you liked reading this post, please tell me what you think about the photo. Thank you 🙂