A few weeks ago, I thought I should also create some kind of template products for potential customers. You know, I had seen many successful sales with a “your own photo here” placeholder graphic and it seemed they would sell very good. So I designed some products with my own version of this placeholder and now, less than one month later, I have sold postage stamps!

Thanks to Rebecca from Carthage, MO for purchasing 2 sheets of these stamps:

Design your photo product postage stamp
Design your photo product postage stamp by stineshop
Shop for more postcard stamps from Zazzle.

The picture I used is public domain and free for anyone to use. Two sheets of stamps earned me $2.02 in royalty as I have set my royalty percentage to 10.1%. That’s a little trick I learned from my mentor minx267 to earn a few cents more. The standard royalty is set to 10% but when you use 10.1%, the customer only has to pay a few cents more (e.g. $20 instead of $19.95) but you also earn a few cents more which adds up over the year.

I hope you find this tip useful 🙂