Your chance for one free ad!

This post will be your chance for a little advertising. You may comment with your Zazzle shop link included which will generate a backlink and hopefully a little promotion for your store.

I will also spread the word about this post, so that we all get the most and best possible exposure. Maybe you could help with sharing this one? 🙂


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31 thoughts on “Your chance for one free ad!

  1. my art shop Sells original award winning abstract. My abstract art is sold on canvas, photo prints, cell phone covers, cup, plates, water bottles, pillows and more.
    Abundancelovetrip also original whimsical design for sell on birthday cards, holiday cards, stickers, whiteboards and much more. You need to find a gift Abundancelovetrip has a huge selection.


  2. Great site and lots of great info.
    Goosebury offers a variety of products and design styles for the whole family and everyone on your gift list.


  3. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Sandyspider Gifts is one of eight shops. This main shop has gifts with themes for holidays, birthdays, animals, flowers and nature, seasons, humor, pop art, patriotic, fireworks, social networking, scenic landscaping, just for babies and pets, food including chocolate (the staple of life) and more.


  4. Hi, drop by for a browse through my shop Designs by Shell where I feature original whimsical designs, nature and floral photography on gifts and apparel.


  5. Visit the Place That Sells t-shirts, etc. for shirts, totes, messenger bags, electronic sleeves and case and many more products adorned with animals, flowers, San Francisco sites, landscapes, etc. Free to browse at your leasure.


  6. Hello there,I am inviting all to come and take a look and enjoy. Designs with a difference and bold flare.


  7. A beautiful page! thanks so much for the chance to link here. My pipe organ Zazzle shop is perhaps a niche market but people are often surprised how awesome and inspiring the King of Instruments is! Best of all, pictures of them make fabulous Zazzle products, especially the calendars, business cards, cards, and other paper goodies.


  8. Of course you want to check out the Toothgame Zazzle Store, because it has gifts for every member of your social circle.


  9. Hello there-this is a great chance for all of us on Zazzle to show off our artistic expression, and present unique items found nowhere else ! Please take a look at my store for example,*, for products I design using my original nature, floral and Cleveland photos !


  10. I have some gift products for Butterfly Lovers. Also some new Carpe Diem Designs on Cases, Shirts and bags. Perhaps someone will like my new Cute Sleeping Owl Designs on Cards, Cases and other zazzle gift products. Danke Stine for your support here! Schöne Woche und viel Erfolg!
    Liebe Grüsse ::-)~Marta~*


  11. Hi, come browse my store where I like to dabble in a little bit of this and that, from photography to graphic art! Have fun customizing my designs!


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