I would like to start a new series where I present you the best Zazzle shops around. The honor of the first recommendation belongs to minx267 as she is the one who had brought me to Zazzle.

Cheers to minx267 for making me start to sell on Zazzle. You rock, girl! šŸ™‚

This is how minx267 describes herself in her member profile:

I’m an animal lover, and have lots of them, dogs and cats. I have 2 collies and 2 Collie Mixes 14 cats, 3 roommates. I Have a little Piece of Green in Hartford, where my Roommates and I grow our Garden, I love my (Pontiac) Aztek , I work 3rd shift answering phones. Love to Snap pictures or read a good book in my free time. Love gardening (vegetables and flowers) , Wolves, Aliens and the Paranormal.

And that is exactly what you can expect in her shop Collie Love. She has the most beautiful flower photos and the most funny dog photos. I love it when her dogs accidentally get in her way while trying to shoot a photo of a flower. Here is an example:

Tri Collie N the Tulips Gel MousePad
Tri Collie N the Tulips Gel MousePad by minx267
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Haha, this is so cute!

Her flower photos also do have a special “touch” I can hardly describe. She also plays around with the colours a bit and if I ever win in the lottery, I will buy all her coffee mugs!

These are my three favourite coffee mugs from her shop:

Purple N Turquoise Daisies Mugs Extra Large Mugs
Purple N Turquoise Daisies Mugs Extra Large Mugs by minx267
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Pansy and friends Mug
Pansy and friends Mug by minx267
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Panoramic Pansies Mug
Panoramic Pansies Mug by minx267
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Aren’t these gorgeous?

minx267 can also be found on Pinterest in case you would like to check her out there.