Zazzle is an awesome marketplace for unique gift ideas, as you can customize a vast variety of products apart from the usual stuff. Read all about here what I would like to design in the future.

As a print on demand service, Zazzle has a great variety of products to choose from. You can not only buy the usual mousepads, posters and shirts. In addition to that, you can also create playing cards, magnetic picture frames, messenger/courier bags or belt buckles. And so much more!

Vintage Retro green Flowers Frame Magnets
Vintage Retro green Flowers Frame Magnets by stineshop
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But although they have the – as far as I know – biggest variety from all print on demand services available, there are still some things I would love to see very soon!

1. Shoes

Custom designed shoes were available but somehow got cancelled some while ago. I myself do not know why but Zazzle says they are working on bringing them back. How awesome can it be to have shoes with your photo or art on them?

2. Monopoly Game

I would love to design my own monopoly game. Imagine a game where every street is one unique photo or piece of art. Artists could draw a piece for every field. We could also design our own action cards. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Muir Woods National Monument Card Decks
Muir Woods National Monument Card Decks by stineshop
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What products would you love to design?