Zazzle is a great website that let’s you design and sell beautiful gifts.
Reddit is an even greater website that let’s you share links.
Read everything here about how to combine these two great websites to increase your Zazzle sales.

Zazzle really is a great website and I cannot thank my online friend Christina enough for telling me about this site. I am only actively designing and selling stuff for 6 months now but I am deeply in love with it. Why didn’t I start to design, sell and earn earlier? *sigh*

Reddit is a rather tricky social bookmarking or news sharing website with extremely strict rules. I myself did start a few months ago with my first account and got banned pretty quickly as I did not really know the rules. Reddit is the strictest community regarding spam and advertising. It is not at all like Digg where you can share and share and share tons of links into their system. Oh no, Reddit wants quality.

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If you are both on Zazzle and Reddit, this article will be pretty useful for you. Have you ever wondered how to best share all your Zazzle knowledge and maybe even your shop or your best designs on Reddit? I don’t know about you, but I have asked myself how to do this without getting labelled as spammer. The problem is that of course there are subreddits for art, photography or even design, but they do not like Zazzle.

And then, we do not only have our designs. There are many great blogs and websites out there with people writing really useful guides, how to’s and references.

Shouldn’t there be a place on Reddit where we can discuss about Zazzle?

There is now!

I have created the “Zazzle Community for Sellers and Buyers” and it is free for all Reddit members to join. Reddit itself is also free, you have nothing to lose. Please note that the only rule this subreddit has is to not spam. Try to add useful content and remember to not share too much. When you are a new Reddit member, you should only share one link per day or else Reddit sees you as spammer and your account may be in danger.

I would also like to encourage you to comment on other user’s contributions. Reddit is not only for adding links, it is about commenting and giving feedback, too 🙂

Join the fun and share your knowledge, see you on Reddit!