Kaboodle.com is a website that let’s you share things (photos) you love to express your style. They were on a successful path but have blocked Zazzle. Is this a mistake?

Kaboodle.com is very similar to the popular Pinterest.com, where you can present photos of things you love and find online. Kaboodle – different to Pinterest – concentrates on fashion and style. They encourage you to add photos of fashion, furniture and decorative items. Kaboodle also adds the price of the item along with the source where you found it so that others know where they can buy it for what price.

Rattan Elephant Hamper – Laundry Hampers – Bath |… review at Kaboodle (Photo credit: SocialWicker)

Zazzle is an international website that let’s you design and sell all kinds of items with photos or designs – be it your artwork or other’s. I myself sell all kind of gift ideas in my shop stine1shop.info. On Zazzle, you can design and sell mugs, iPhone cases, placemats, mugs, skins for all kinds of electronic devices, dinnerware, dog tags, posters and so much more.

Kaboodle was perfect for adding finds on Zazzle. Many Zazzle members have been active on Kaboodle, but unfortunately Kaboodle has made a big mistake and has blocked Zazzle. Whenever you try to add a Zazzle product to Kaboodle, all you get is an error message that the domain is blocked.

What a pity, I had just gotten the hang of Kaboodle 😦

But I am also glad that Pinterest is so popular, I do enjoy it a lot more.

What do you think about this?