No matter whether you would like to promote your own products in your Zazzle shop or just would love to push your affiliate sales on Zazzle, this article will show you an extremely simple yet highly effective way of promoting Zattly products.

This article will show you how to easily insert any Zazzle products into articles on Triond. And when I say easy, I really do mean easy – as I hate nothing more than wasting my time with things that are not effective and a waste of time. You won’t find any time wasters within my articles 🙂

Before you do anything, make sure that you are logged in into Zazzle properly as this will automatically add your affiliate code to any link you generate, thus earning you additional 15% for EVERY sale no matter what product you sell!

Ok, let’s start:

  1. Go to Triond (log in or join) and submit a new article here.
  2. Think of a topic and search for about 10 related products on Zazzle. If you cannot think of a topic, choose something like:
    Looking for Cool Coffee Mugs?
    The Cutest Fairy Themed Personal Gifts You Can Find Online
    10 Awesome Nature Posters for Your Wall
    Looking for Mother’s Day Gifts?
    Buy Funny Postcards Online
    Find The Best Easter Presents Online
  3. Now click on “Link” on the first product site, here is a screenshot:
  4. A window like the following one will pop up for you:
  5. Now highlight everything on the right side underneath “What you’ll see on your blog or website” including the text underneath the product image! It works best when you start at the end of the text and drag your mouse up to include the photo.
  6. Now copy (“Control + c” or right click and “copy”) the highlighted part and paste (“control + v” or right click and “paste”) it into the article body of your new Triond post.

That’s pretty much it. Insert all products you would like to include, do not forget to add a decent text that describes what you are trying to present and choose understandable tags and keywords.

The most important thing is to not expect to get many views on such an article over night!

You will definitely get more views on other topics. BUT the goal with such an article is not to generate lots of views on Triond. Your goal should be to get your products known by Google and to spread your affiliate links. Search engine results are your friend! 🙂


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