As a vampire, you don’t need Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, you need to celebrate Maker’s Day!

HBO just introduced this new day of celebration for all you blood sucking vampires and fans 🙂

Official Maker’s Day will be celebrated on the upcoming June 10th, which happens to be the start of the brand new season 5 of True Blood.

On you can create an eCard to thank you own Maker. All you need is a Facebook account as this works as a Facebook app and can be published to your timeline, your maker’s timeline, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

You can watch exclusive videos and when we all manage to send out 100,000 tweets with “#makersday” included, we can unlock one page of a season 5 script.

Yay, True Blood fans unite and let’s celebrate Maker’s Day this Sunday!

Need some gifts for your Maker?

Why not check these out:

Happy Maker's Day! Coffee Mug

Happy Maker's Day! Tshirts


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