Postcards are awesome in so many ways. Read this article to find out more why they are awesome and where to find really funny ones online.

I wrote that postcards are awesome in many ways. You know why? I love them as a frugal souvenir from our vacations. They remember you and your loved ones of a great time. I am also actively participating in Postcrossing and love to collect post cards from all around the world.

I love to send weird, unusual and funny postcards and thought I’d share a few funny ones that can be easily bought online for your convenience. Tell me what you think of them 🙂

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I don't have an attitude problem zazzle_postcard
I don’t have an attitude problem by stineshop
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Rusty Can with bullet holes zazzle_postcard
Rusty Can with bullet holes by stineshop
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Chickens at night by stineshop
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Shooting Range by stineshop
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Hey, Whazzup?!!! zazzle_postcard
Hey, Whazzup?!!! by minx267
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