The public domain photo “blue flowers” I had created Zazzle items with really was a great idea! This is the second personalized product I have sold on Zazzle with this photo and I must say, I really like the dark blue or violet touch it has.

This tote bag was sold for $21 and earned me $1.70 in royalty which converts to €1.32. Not bad, huh?

The buyer is Andrea, in beautiful Clovis, California in the USA. Thank you Andrea for your purchase! I have left a comment on the product’s page as some say that comments make a product rank higher in Zazzle marketplace. Who knows whether this is correct or not – I wouldn’t mind that being true at all 🙂

So here is the tote bag I am talking about:

Blue Flowers Tote Bag
Blue Flowers Tote Bag by stineshop
More Mystic Bags

Isn’t it a nice gift idea for someone?

By the way, this is the first time I am posting about a Zazzle sale on Triond. In the past, I had limited this sort of post to Gather only but I thought, why not also post it to Triond? Can’t be wrong to also show Trionders my designs, can it? 🙂

It would be nice if you told me what you think of the design and maybe you find a great unique gift idea for yourself.