Hurray, I have sold my first stamps. And what is even bettern than this “first timer” is the fact that the customer bought THIRTEEN sheets of these stamps for over $100 which gave me a royalty of $10.01!

PARTY!!!!! *lol*

Blue Flowers Postage
Blue Flowers Postage by stineshop

By the way, does anyone know these flowers? I really have no idea what they are except “blue daisies” which is probably not really correct *lol*

I shot this photo in our garden last summer and altered the colours a tiny bit to make it look more mystic as I found out that “mystic” is a great keyword to use on Zazzle *lol* Not many products but a high demand ^^ I have created these stamps during the last week.

What do you think of the design? 🙂

(Last updated: 2018-06-04)